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Saketh Ashvapuram
I am a software engineer by profession but passionate in creative works. I write stories and novels in english. My work is mostly in Horror, Thriller and Crime genres.
The Wish Remains
Unusual Exit
Addictively Good
Is He The Last Meal Chef?
Restaurant, Chef and Prison
Murder On The Menu
Good Bye David
Saketh Ashvapuram
The Last Meal Chef
Execution begin
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For anyone who thinks what would be the painful part ever they can face, It’s the death door that awaits down the passage When you want to be alive to fulfill your desire. It’s 5 O clock in the morning and probably the best time to start a day but not to David Barker “What would I need if someone grants me a wish?” Always been thought by David Barker since his childhood. Because no one ever asked him or done something which he would wish for except the last night it happened. Prisoner’s Medical Examination Center, David brought into the place guarded. He was very well dressed and neatly groomed after a long time. Doctors make him lay on the bed and after an hour of medical examination, they confirmed he is doing good. Apparently, they couldn’t test the thoughts running on his mind. “Get him to the chamber” shouted a police officer. Baker has been carried out to the ‘Execution Chamber’. Apart from several thoughts running on his brain, David Baker s’ mind now completely turned into fear looking at the room's atmosphere. That room has all the deathly appearance covered with walls. Ever wondered how would it feel in the final few minutes knowing their life going to end? Sensing imminent tragedy. “Do you have anyone to come and witness your execution”, the officer asked David Barker. That question inflicting a wound to Barker's heart as they know there is no one to come and pay the last visit to David Barker. “No sir,” said Barker with a lot of grief. Immediately the prison staff made Barker get tied to the bed with the locked belts. “Give him the first drug” ordered one of the police officers in the chamber. ‘Sodium Thiopental’ started getting into Barker’s veins and slowly his brain stopped functioning except the thoughts lurked evil in him for a long time. He started understanding that he is losing consciousness. Three drug protocol step 2 is about to start, “Check in the levels of the second drug” orders being passed again to make sure the execution doesn’t get failed. One of the prison employees started injecting the second drug into Barker which started paralyzing his body and he understood he could barely breathe because his diaphragm got affected already. “It’s time to load the final drug,” said the in-charge of the execution. In the last few seconds of his life, David Barker almost got his brain erased as he thought it’s not worth reminding his life again which is now getting over. Before the final drug is about to hit his heart, there are only two thoughts that are unable to get off from Barker’s brain, precisely soul. One is the family he missed and the other is the person who fulfilled his last wish, “The Last Meal Chef”. The Last Meal Chef gives you a haunted meal that frighteningly haunts you for a long time after you’ve finished.

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