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Narendra babu
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Historical Fiction. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since 22nd November 2021.
COVID WARRIORS continued from Episode 1
COVID WARRIORS Continued Episode2
Narendra babu
COVID Warriors
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It's not a Story but horrific experiences of Citizens in India who were let down by Politicians, Corporate Hospitals and Greedy Humans, but fought relentlessly by COVID Warriors in Doctors and Nurses who risked their Lives battling COVID and pouring life in to the affected. The penned episodes depicts real events turned into fictional drama that will put our Governments, Corporate Hospitals and Greedy Humans hung their head in Shame. EPISODE 1 People were wailing their heart out and there was chaos all around. It turned out to be an emotional gathering at the house of Manulal a 50 year old Government servant from Ghaziabad worked for Postal Department as clerk who was blessed with 2 girl children and Wife Gayatri a house wife . As days passed by their happines was shortnlived as Pandemic in the form of Corona spread even to India rapidly from March 2020, no one was aware of the Virus and treatment to be meted on it. Manulal ine evening came home with uneasiness he was seen coughing continuously followed by Cold that frustrated him, he used to scream at his wife for petty things and used to hit his children when they came amidst them. Gayatri in a feeble tone " What happened to you, you are seen restless and seen coughing and sneezing, why can't you visit the doctor" Manulal turned furious and in an angry tone 'Mind your business and get away from here" Saying he pushed her aside. The Cough never subsided nor his cold nor he visited nearby Hospital, the pandemic slowly rose in rage taking toll of citizens. Hospitals were filled with patients affected with unknown virus. Manulals health detoriated he started to breath with difficulty and also lost his sense of smell and taste, finally after visiting a nearby Hospital the doctors assumed it to be Corona a dreaded virus and recommended them to visit Government Hospital nearby. Gayatri accompanied her ailing husband to nearby Government hospitals but of no avail as beds were filled. Gayatri never knew what to do next, she approaches one of her friends daughter Kavitha who worked as a Nurse in one of Government Hospital. Kavitha immediately intervened and started to negotiate with her higher officials for a bed in Sanjeevini Government Hospital where she worked, finally with several coaxings she managed to get a bed not after bribing 2 lakh rupees as bribe which she saved as she new of financial position of Manulals family. Manulal was finally admitted and treatment started. Gayatri and family were intimated to get their hands sanitized and wear a Mask and instructed not to visit the hospital till Manulal recovered. Gayatri with folded hands thanked Kavitha in a sober tone " Thank you my daughter your precious efforts saved my husband" saying she was about to fall on Kavithas legs. Kavitha immediately lifted her and in consoling tone " Maa Elders should not fall on younger feet as it's our duty to serve parents " saying she rushed to serve the ailing patients including Manulal. Manulal slowly started recovering after showing positive signs, but unfortunately the happiness was shortlived, Kavitha was transferred to another branch in Ghaziabad even after protesting her transfer with superior Dr Nandula who in a harsh tone yelled "Kavitha you have to obey to our orders as our other branch is in need of Nurses" saying he whisked away from there. Kavitha was disappointed as she took up the responsibility of helping Manulals family. Kavitha after Serving in her new branch rushed to the hospital where Manulal was admitted and enquired her colleagues about his health which looked satisfactory. But one sad day when Kavitha visited her previous hospital where Manulal was admitted he was no where found, she searched for him and also asked her colleagues with regards to his absence. Kavitha even visited Dr. Nandulal who in ignoring state "I have 100 Patients to be attended and I have no time to search for one individual " Saying he rushed from her sight. Tears poured down Kavitas cheeks, what happened to Manulal is he alive? were the questions in her mind and how to face Manulals family was her agony. Let's read it in next episode have a nice reading time

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