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Md Shahid
I primarily read Comedy, Drama, Love stories and poetry in hindi. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since January 10, 2021.
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Md Shahid
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Baba's love yoga Yoga camp is organized in Sundarachal town. People from all the villages and towns around come to the yoga camp to learn yoga and to overcome their health problems through yoga. About 25 years old, with a clean shave in the morning and a clean shave, the 25-year-old athletic youth holds the mike on stage. “Respected mothers and sisters and all gentlemen, Baba is very much present among you today. Four have been delivered to the previous yoga camp. There is a stir in public on hearing this. Some people immediately leave. The monk youth further says - "Don't panic, don't go, no yoga baba in front of you?" The youth breathes long - and the public is shocked with questions in mind. "Pran Haran, the ultimate disciple of Yoga Baba Pran Nath has come." He is a younger Baba than Prannathji, he has reached Baba a lot, so far he has reached many in Yoga Shivar through the medium of Yoga. Their census transported to the animals is still going on. Hindi Funny Kahani Only then a gentleman in the mass group says - "Hey Mahatma ji, where is it delivered?" "Yes, I asked the appropriate question - so the answer is - heaven". Sitting on the back, the yoga guru whispers and says - "What is this idiot talking about?" The youth immediately gets the attention of his statement - "Yes, we mean to show that the path to heaven has been shown through yoga." The public hears a sigh of relief. Only then does a woman stand. "Why is the name of Mahatmaan Baba Pran Haran?" "Goddess ! I do not know the answer to this question, perhaps seeing the actions of the younger Baba, the elder Baba Pran Nath Ji has named him Pran Haran. But you should note that Baba Pran Haran is famous as Chhote Baba. " "Why is Baba named Chota Baba?" The woman asked her next question "Yes, this is their nick name - just like it is, little Chetan, little don, little umbrella, just like that, they call them with love, little Baba" “Gentlemen, these very ascetic learned yogis are very well versed in the art of yoga. And by doing yoga, they have become victims of molestation. " "Patient?" A young woman surprised "That is, girls are sick to speak the truth, to stay away from greed, to avoid Maya's attachment. Do not doubt anything of Baba's character. But completely dedicate Baba to yoga. " With this, I give this mic to the younger Baba Pujya Pran Haran Ji. Which will now further guide you with your yoga knowledge. Baba holds the mic. "Friends! I, Yoga Guru Pran Haran, come my refuge, and bless my knowledge ” Dear listeners, tell us your physical problems. From tomorrow we will methodically teach you yoga and easy. But today we will pay special attention to them. Those who have special physical problems. A fat beautiful girl stands up- "Baba, I have problems breathing." "Not to worry, the breath is the ointment of yoga." Rightly said Baba, if there is breath then there is hope. "And there is breath. " "Raas means baba" "Didn't understand Raas, never mind, I also teach yoga at midnight. You will know if you come "Baba I have asthma?" "That will be you who is still a virgin" "what ?' "Nothing works" "What Baba?" "Take a breath" Hearing this, the young woman breathes loudly while inflating the chest. "And now, harder and harder now," Baba carefully instructs the young woman. "Now relieved, if it is not found then it does not matter, take care, Baba teaches yoga even at night. There will never be any breathing problem. " Now let someone else have a physical problem. A very thin skinny young girl stands up "Baba Heart has problems." "If you see me, the problem will be in anyone's heart too." "What did you say Baba" "Nothing Sweet Heart" "What did you say Baba sweet heart" "I mean that eating Virgo sweet also causes problems in the heart." "But eating sweet makes sugar" "Tell me where is sugar in a girl diabetic patient." "Baba is in the blood" "And where does the blood clean" "In the heart" "So where will the sugar be stored" "In the heart" "Then again you say sweet heart" "Yes Bab

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