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What it is all about

Stories shape our world. The tales we hear of joy and pain, good and evil, courage and fear define how we live and what stories we leave behind. When you sit down to read or write a story, you live more, because a story is a slice of life.

Welcome to Kahaniya, the grandest stage for stories of all scales and stripes - large and small, comic and tragic.

Here, readers find fiction and inspiration; writers find readers and encouragement. Whatever the action is and whosever world it may take place in, it all unfolds in this theatre.

What it offers you

Do you love reading?

  • Discover and read the best short fiction and poetry in your favorite Indian languages
  • Connect and communicate with your favorite writers
  • Carry your favorite stories wherever you go

Do you love telling stories?

  • Publish your short fiction and poetry in Indian languages
  • Build and engage your audience
  • Earn money for your work on your own terms